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Rise in the No Code Economy and the Opportunity

No-code is a type of software development that allows anyone to create digital applications without writing a single line of code. It involves using tools with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface to create a unique solution to a problem.

Microsoft, a tool that enables anyone to manipulate data without code, released the original version of Excel (oddly, on a Mac!) in 1985. Since Microsoft Excel, the rise of SAAS, growing startup communities, and a growing market value have all contributed to where no-code is today.

The no-code movement is expected to continue to grow in startup and enterprise communities.

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of low code users who had no experience at all before using low code platforms learned low code in one month or less.


of people are unfamiliar with the term no-code.
No Code Versus Low Code

No-code is mainly for business users whereas low-code tools are mostly used by software engineers, data scientists, etc. Nowadays, technical founders and non-technical founders can get an MVP up and running in a couple weeks!

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Market Segments

With no-code software, anyone, regardless of programming ability, can customize a program to suit their needs. Pipedrive and Airtable are two such programs. No-code software is grouped together with low-code software now, but no-code software may become a distinct segment of the market in the future, since it allows even those with no technical knowledge to customize their business processes, dashboards, etc.

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Hourly Deliverables

Using little to no coding, low-code programs can be fully customized. Instead of taking weeks or months to create custom applications, you can do so in a few hours or days. Even though low-code software requires programming experience, it has become faster and more cost-effective. Examples include Salesforce and Zoho.

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No Code Low Code

Top Tools


Build terrific wireframes that integrate with other platforms. Import Figma designs directly into your Bubble app for seamless design integration! Figma is similar to Sketch, Adobe XD, and other visual design or wireframing tools. Figma is a great tool for designing the UX/UI of you app.

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Top Tools



By using Bubble's visual development platform, websites and web applications can be developed with more advanced functionality than is possible by using template-based builders. Deploy native apps with advanced features like push notifications, video calling, and tinder like functionality just to name a few!

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Top Tools



With Webflow, you get an all-in-one platform with a built-in CMS. Websites can be created, built, and launched on their online editor platform. Connect Webflow with Airtable to create comprehensive web applications to test out your MVP in style.

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Top Tools



One of the best no-code platform based on visual designing principles. Use Adalo to create native mobile and desktop applications without implementing any code. Adalo is great for business users who have little experience with coding. Adalo makes building apps as easy as creating a PowerPoint!

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Immersive training

Join for in-depth training and 1-1 coaching with Adalo, Bubble, Figma, Webflow and more. We provide additional resources like videos, courses, webinars and more! Join a group of likeminded professionals looking to start a new career, enhance their low/no-code skills, or get their SAAS startup off the ground. Get started today!

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Top Industry Trends

Dive into technology trends that are gaining traction in the digital ecosystem. Learn the secrets of cryptocurrency, SAAS, growth hacking, and so much more. Learn how no-code and low code platforms are influencing top trends on the internet and in the business world. Let's dive into leaning today!

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Two weeks of rapid learning

Why spend 6 months at a coding bootcamp when you can get access to expert training, industry trends, and critical feedback in just 2 weeks? Learn team development, project management and improve your skills with top low/no-code platforms. No need to stop working! With 3 hour sessions each day, we offer flexibility so you can transition with ease. Let's rapidly learn app development today!

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Build 2-3 apps or websites

Learn how to take an idea, turn it into a wireframe, develop a project plan, and build your MVP in just a couple of hours! With the Accelerated Program, you will develop 2-3 apps or website portfolio pieces that will attract employers or freelance clients. Why spend months trying to get your new career off the ground when you can get everything you need in 2 weeks. Let's start your new portfolio today!

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